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Return and Refund

Long-Term Cancelation

Any order could be fully canceled before shipment. Any order that you do not satisfied with can be refunded in 90 days.
For more advice, please contact us.


We accept the products your refund which will not affect the secondary sales within 90 days from the date of purchase and we will make a refund for you.
But there are some special circumstances, please contact us within 60 days.
These situations include the following points:
1.Incorrect website description.
2.Long-term logistics delivery time.
3.Missing accessories.
4.The received goods are inconsistent with the purchased goods.
5.The received goods are damaged, but the package is good.
It will take us about two business days to process your refund, and we will provide you a return label of UPS via email or online chat services.
You should print the label and drop off your package at any UPS store. We will update your return status upon receiving it.
Please wait for approximately 15days for your refund to process to your account after your order status changes as "updated".
For more advice, please contact us.



Defective or used items are not within the return policy.
However, you can issue a refund for items that do not meet your requirements.
An image proof must be provided for us to estimate the percentage of refunds.
For those unwanted items due to quality reasons or not described as what it is posted on the website, you will absolutely receive a full refund.
For other used or deliberately damaged items by customers, our customer service will give you a partial refund according to the actual situation from image proofs.
It may take you 15days for your refund to process to your account after your order status changes as “updated”.
For more advice, please contact us.



For those wrong delivered items, missing items, or defective items, do not hesitate to contact us for a replacement.
Upon receiving your information, we will process your replacement within ONE business day.
Also, a tracking number will be provided for you to track the location of your order once the shipment is confirmed.
For more advice, please contact us.


Shipping Fee

We will take responsibility for the shipping fees under such circumstances: damaged package, quality problems, missing parts, wrong description online, different items.
Other reasons, no longer needed, the wrong size ordered, for example, the buyer will undertake the shipping fees.


Still have questions about our return and refund policy?

Contact us via 855-666-7156(Toll-Free) Available business days only.
Email: service@cozyinhome.com.
Instant online chat: Available business days.
Mailing address for shipping and return:HGmart, INC, 2095 California Ave, Corona, CA 92881, United States